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Your hosts Rinus & Lesley Woermeijer, met in France in 2008 when Lesley was working in Paris. Rinus is Dutch and has been visiting and living in the area for more than 20 years, Lesley (chef and teacher) is Scottish and has been coming to the area for 5 years. They married locally in the summer of 2010, and hosted a wonderful wedding breakfast at L’Huilerie – which they naturally catered themselves!

Rinus & Lesley have a great passion for cooking and all things foodie, Rinus has run and owned a number of bars/restaurants over the years, Lesley is a self taught chef and has gained experience over the last 10 years, cooking in France and the UK, taking part in a number of cooking courses and building on her knowledge and experience. She creates wonderful recipes/menus which she uses when hosting supper clubs for friends and visitors to the area.

Rinus & Lesley are keen to share their passion with those joining them on the course, and the best way to do that is to ensure that your time at The SecretGarden-France is fun and enjoyable. The course is hands on as this is the best way to learn with Lesley being there to show and guide you during the days cooking sessions.


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