5 Day Course

Details for the 5 day course

Day 1 – (Sunday) Arrival Day, aim to arrive between 2pm and 4pm, allowing you time to settle into your room before meeting up for welcome drinks and evening meal prepared for you by Lesley (chef), so you can be introduced to the others attending the course with you.

Day 2 – (Monday) Continental breakfast will be available between 7.30 and 8.30 am, before joining the group in the kitchen to start the day at 9am. We will start with some basic kitchen rules, etiquette and hygiene, etc, to ensure everyone has a good starting point for the course. This morning we will be cooking for lunch and preparing for this evenings meal.

We will aim to have lunch from 12.30 and we can discuss the morning class and activities for the afternoon session. You will enjoy good food and a chance to explore the house and garden before starting up again.

We will start the afternoon session at 2pm continuing with the prep work for the evening meal. We will aim to finish the session around 5.30 pm, where you will have some free time before meeting again at 7 pm in the kitchen to complete the menu and plate up the evening meal you have prepared during the day.

Day 3 – (Tuesday)  Continental breakfast between 7.30-8.30am and start in the kitchen at 9am. Today we will be cooking in the morning for lunch and then you will have the afternoon and evening off to relax and enjoy the area.

If you have access to a car you can head off into the local towns, or maybe go a little further into Le Mans (40 mins North) or Tours (50 mins South) or the Lakes of Marcon.

You are also welcome to stay at L’Huilerie enjoying the gardens/orchard and SecretGarden terrace, reading/chilling out and you are more than welcome to use the facilities to cook your own evening meal, with the ingredients you can purchase in the local town/supermarket.

Day 4 –  (Wednesday) Continental breakfast will be available between 7.30 and 8.30, today we will be heading to the local market, where you will have the opportunity to wander through the many stalls enjoying the sights and smells of France.

We will meet up for coffee before heading back to prepare lunch and get ready for the afternoon session. Lunch will be between 12.30 – 2pm. We will meet again in the kitchen to prepare the evening meal again we will aim to finish the session around 5.30 pm, for some free time before meeting in the kitchen at 7pm to complete any outstanding work and plating up for the evening meal.

Day 5 – (Thursday) Continental breakfast between 7.30 – 8.30am, and starting at 9am in the kitchen for you last full day of cooking, we will cook your lunch and prepare for your farewell meal in the evening.

You will have the opportunity to put all your skills and knowledge you have learned through the week into practice for the evening meal.

Lunch will be between 12.30 – 2pm and we will start in the kitchen again at 2pm for the afternoon session, finishing around 4.00 pm, so we can head off to a local wine cave where you will have the opportunity to walk through the caves and sample with the view to purchase local wines for you to enjoy back at L’Huilerie or take home.

On return you will have a little free time before meeting again in the kitchen at 7pm, for the finishing touches to your farewell meal.

Day 6 – (Friday) Continental breakfast between 8.30 – 9.30 am head off back to your rooms to complete your packing and saying your farewells ready for departure by 11am.



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