Specialty Courses

We are running a few specialty courses this year

Course Title Description Dates 
Bread & Pastry Learn to bake some bread and pastry and use in recipes for lunch
Cakes & Bakes Enjoy baking a few different cake recipes and enjoy them with a wee cuppa 24th February – 1pm
Meringues Various meringue recipes, cakes, roulades
Macaroons Master the skill of making french macaroons
Do-a-head Make some key ‘Do-a-head’ recipes, enjoy your meal with your guests, or just get them ready for those days you just don’t want to cook.
Risotto By special request, we will make 2-3 different risotto’s to show the fantastic options for Risotto’s

If you have any requests, please let me know and I will be happy to discuss the opportunities of recipes and dates.

The prices vary, but they will be between 15-20€ per person.

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